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From large stadiums to the most prestigious college campuses, Everest delivers 
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Here are a few.

“We are thrilled to be working with Everest as their Wi-Fi solution provides the fastest wireless and showed superior performance in our trials. This was a critical issue to solve for the International School of Management and Economics (ISME) of National Economics University as wireless is the backbone of our strategic e-learning initiative.”

- Dr. Dong Xuan Dam, Dean of the ISME

"The performance of Lincoln Financial Field's Wi-Fi network has been enhanced in a major way thanks to Everest Networks' wireless technology. On a night when we expected high Wi-Fi usage, the network handled the traffic without any issues and performed very well. Everest's aerially mounted, multi-radio APs allowed us to deploy only five gigahertz in the bowl with fewer APs than what would be possible with conventional wireless products, which is proving to be a successful formula."

- John Pawling, Philadelphia Eagles Vice President of Information Technology

“Everest is the most recent and innovative WLAN technology company to emerge from Silicon Valley. Providing our customers with the best WiFi service was clearly something we were proud to do. Everest, having recognized early on the growing connectivity demands and data streaming needs of people today, designed their products and systems to meet that demand. We feel Everest’s Access Points are a perfect match for our customer, being able to provide the required coverage with fewer APs, deliver the fastest throughput, while reducing the total system cost…”

- Chip Swisher, Smart Solutions Director at CenturyLink

“Not only does Everest have a proven ability to perform in the most challenging of RF environments, their product portfolio enables a new way for our customers to design systems to meet these applications in the most effective and efficient manner by utilizing a range of access points in a solution. It’s a new way to design WLAN systems and WAV is excited to be partnering a technology innovator like Everest.”

- Norm Dumbroff, President and CEO of WAV, Inc.

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