Rolling Stones Concert

Lincoln Financial Field, outfitted with Everest Networks Access Points, is the first NFL Stadium to have field coverage provided by access points mounted over 200 feet away on the stands.

It certainly wasn’t the first time that the Rolling Stones played at a large venue like Lincoln Financial Field, but it was a first for all 8,000 of their fans on the stadium field were able to seamlessly connect to Wi-Fi to stream videos and post pictures on social media. With as few as 20 AP1004UNe high density access points permanently mounted as the main fabric of the stand, Everest was able to achieve great system performance at the concert.

This was Everest Networks’ third event that included field coverage. Usually, it is difficult to provide Wi-Fi coverage on the field since signals do not reach that far. However, Everest was able to install a permanent mount so in the future, fans standing in the middle of the field for concerts or sports professionals during games would all be able to have Wi-Fi access.


  • Wi-Fi coverage for the entire Field Area
  • Needed to be Mounted on the Seating Area (200-feet away)
  • Support Heavy Social Engagement for over 8,000 Fans


  • 20 AP1004UNe High Density Access Points
  • Permanent Installation 200-Feet Away


  • Superior Wi-Fi coverage for the 8,000 on-field fans
  • Permanent Wi-Fi solution to support future events

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