Rolling Stones Concert

Lincoln Financial Field (LFF), outfitted with Everest Networks' Access Points throughout the stadium, is the first NFL Stadium to provide field coverage using a permanent Wi-Fi solution.

It certainly wasn’t the first time that the Rolling Stones played at a large venue like Lincoln Financial Field, but it was a first for all 8,000 fans on the show floor to seamlessly connect to Wi-Fi and share all of their experiences from an unforgettable show. With LFF being at the leading-edge of first-class customer experiences, providing Wi-Fi on the show floor allowed concert-goes to memorialize their presence by streaming, posting, and uploading 1000's of pictures and videos, all in real-time.

With as few as 20 AP1004UNe high density access points permanently-mounted on concrete facades and overhangs at 200'+ away from the field, Everest was able to achieve great Wi-Fi performance and an enhanced customer experience during the concert. This was Everest Networks' third event at LFF which included field coverage.

The challenges of providing Wi-Fi coverage at field-level are multi-fold. Usually, a temporary solution is employed with an associated cost of setup and tear-down without adequate coverage in the middle of the field, while existing solutions for a permanent mount do not provide the reach nor the capacity for an adequate customer experience.   

However, Everest Networks' permanently-mounted high-density access points can now enable Wi-Fi field coverage so that concert-, event-, and venue-goers as well as sports professionals can enjoy Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the entire field.


  • Wi-Fi Coverage for the Entire Field Area
  • Mounted above Seating Sections (200'+ away)
  • Support Heavy Social Engagement for over 8,000 Fans


  • 20 AP1004UNe High-Density Access Points
  • Permanent Install 200'+ Away from Field Center


  • Wi-Fi Coverage for 8,000 on-field Fans
  • Enhanced User and Customer Experience
  • Permanent Wi-Fi Solution to Support Future Field Events

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