Everest to Attend Sports & Entertainment Alliance in Tech Event

SEAT (Sports & Entertainment Alliance in Technology) 2019 is the only peer-driven sports & entertainment conference in the world. This is a 3-day conference devoted to bringing together those in the sports & entertainment industry and learning about how certain technology practices can further support initiatives related to data security, CRM/database, and marketing — to name a few.

Everest Networks will be in attendance and we will be able to explain why Everest is the best solution for your venue, while also providing you with a vision of the future: hyperconnected venues, maximum fan engagement, efficient venue operations, and new monetization opportunities.

Due to the ever-increasing need for high-speed Wi-Fi at events, Everest Networks’ High-Density Access Points have been successfully deployed at many large venues such as stadiums, entertainment centers, concerts, and university campuses.

About Everest Networks: 

Venture-funded Everest Networks launched their industry-leading High-Density (HD) Wi-Fi solution in 2017 and achieved outstanding success in their first year by securing key reference sites such as Lincoln Financial Field, home of the Super Bowl champions, the Philadelphia Eagles. Everest Networks’ solution addresses today’s most pressing HD issues such as high user engagement, high network capacity, and fast throughput, whilst delivering a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). This makes Everest Networks Wi-Fi the platform of choice for venues such as stadiums, arenas, convention centers, shopping malls, transport hubs, auditoriums, campuses, and smart cities.

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