Everest Networks' High-Capacity Wi-Fi Solution Deployed in New Top-Tier Gaming Venue

Press Release

Nov. 22, 2018

Mountain View, CA - Everest Networks have announced that Century Link, one of its leading partners, successfully completed a Wi-Fi install in a recently opened large Tier-1 gaming venue stretching over several thousand square feet. The deployment consisted of Everest Networks’  AP1004WRi, its flagship high-capacity indoor access point (AP), and its medium-capacity AP1002Oi.

The top-tier venue hosts top attractions in gaming, entertainment, and dining, so providing the thousands of patrons with high-quality Wi-Fi in high-density settings was a major stipulation to enhance and deliver a greater and more engaging customer experience. Century Link chose Everest Networks based on its high-capacity Wi-Fi platform of APs to ensure that the entire venue was readily-equipped with fast and reliable Wi-Fi to meet the venue’s requirements of coverage, capacity, and throughput for all guests, attendees, management, infrastructure, and back of house.

“This world-class gaming venue has a very storied history and a strong customer service ethic.” said Mr Chip Swisher, Smart Solutions Practice Director at Century Link. “Whilst Everest is the most recent and innovative WLAN technology company to emerge from Silicon Valley. Providing our customers with the best WiFi service was clearly something we were proud to do.”

The install consisted of providing Wi-Fi for the entire venue which Century Link completed by deploying only eight (8) quad-radio AP1004WRi’s in high-density areas with high user traffic, and thirteen (13) enterprise-grade AP1002Oi‘s. With multiple radios in each AP, fewer APs are required per sq. ft. ultimately reducing not only installation time but more importantly the venue’s down-time and thus enabling Century Link to complete the entire install in half the time while saving cost, a true win-win situation.

“Everest, having recognized early on the growing connectivity demands and data streaming needs of people today, designed their products and systems to meet that demand,” said Swisher. “We feel Everest’s Access Points are a perfect match for our customer, being able to provide the required coverage with fewer APs, deliver the fastest throughput, while reducing the total system cost…”

Due to its innovative technology, Everest Networks has increasingly become the preferred solution for venues requiring high-density, fast, and reliable WiFi. Everest’s leading-edge technology has powered some of the most prolific venues including NFL stadiums, NHL arenas, entertainment and gaming centers, outdoor concerts, and educational schools and universities.

Gaming Venue: Featuring hundreds of entertainment machines, live events, and fine-dining restaurants, the historical venue spans over a large area covering thousands of square feet and is a top-end destination to many guests throughout the year.

About Everest Networks: Venture-funded Everest Networks launched their industry leading High-Density (HD) Wi-Fi solution in 2017 and achieved outstanding success in their first year by securing key reference sites such as Lincoln Financial Field, home of the Super Bowl champions, the Philadelphia Eagles. Everest Networks’ solution addresses today’s most pressing HD issues such as high user engagement, high network capacity, and fast throughput, whilst delivering a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). This makes Everest Networks Wi-Fi the platform of choice for venues such as stadiums, arenas, convention centers, shopping malls, transport hubs, auditoriums, campuses, and smart cities.

About Century Link: CenturyLink (NYSE: CTL) is a global communications and IT services company focused on connecting its customers
to the power of the digital world.

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