Everest Networks Earns Best Wi-FI Startup of 2019

Best Wi-Fi Startup awarded to Everest Networks at global Wi-Fi conference in London.

Mountain View, CA – November 14, 2019 – At the Wi-Fi NOW Conference, an independent panel comprised of distinguished Wi-Fi professionals awarded Everest Networks the Best Wi-Fi Startup of 2019. The conference was held at the ILEC Conference Center in London, England on November 12-14 and featured over 75 companies in eight categories. 

“I couldn't be more proud of our team and all of the sacrifices they've made to constantly innovate and re-imagine what's possible in Wi-Fi," said Simon Wright, chief executive officer at Everest Networks. "We are humbled by the award and share it with our partners, vendors, clients, advisors, and investors."

Late last month, Everest Networks was informed that they had been selected as a finalist alongside Ambeent and Mercku and that the award would be announced at the event. The committee awarding Everest signals the recognition of the ever-growing demands for high-performance Wi-Fi solutions and recognizes the company's contribution to solving these challenges.

“This award provides validation from our industry peers, and we are really appreciative of the acknowledgment for our early successes," said Simon Wright chief executive officer of Everest Networks. “We are focused on our goal of providing the best Wi-Fi experience, but truly excited for what the future holds, and embracing the explosive demand all of the recognition in 2019 has generated for our Wi-Fi solutions."

Everest Networks’ Wi-Fi solutions including EverestCloud and Access Points with patented antenna technology have quickly become the gold standard after posting record setting performance numbers in high-density environemnets such as professional sports stadiums, venues, convention centers, campuses, eSporting venues, and more.

Wi-Fi NOW press release: https://wifinowglobal.com/news-and-blog/who-won-the-wi-fi-now-awards-2019-find-out-here/

About Wi-Fi NOW

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About Everest Networks:
Venture-funded Everest Networks launched its industry-leading High-Density (HD) Wi-Fi solution in 2017 and achieved outstanding success in their first year by securing key reference sites such as Lincoln Financial Field, home of the Super Bowl champions, the Philadelphia Eagles. Everest Networks' solution addresses today's most pressing HD issues such as; high user engagement, high network capacity, and fast throughput, whilst delivering a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). This makes Everest Networks Wi-Fi the platform of choice for venues such as stadiums, arenas, convention centers, shopping malls, transport hubs, auditoriums, campuses, and smart cities. 


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