National Economics University

The National Economics University (NEU) in Vietnam upgraded its University Library Wi-Fi network to support an expanding e-learning initiative financed in part by a $155M USD World Bank International Development Association program. After an exhaustive vetting process, Everest Networks’ access points (AP) were selected for the installation as partner HD Telecom installed 30 High Density Wi-Fi APs to support an estimated 600,000 students with access to over 27,000 lectures and e-learning resources in the digital library.

National Economics University chose Everest Networks’ APs to cover their 175,000 sq.ft. library and ISME floor due to its ability to handle increasing bandwidths to support their growing demand for e-learning programs. Phase 1 of the installation maximized coverage and speed while only requiring 28 High-Density Indoor APs (1004WRi and 1002Oi) and 2 High-Density Outdoor APs (1004WRe), which is fewer APs than the industry standard for an installation of this size. HD Telecom of North America Inc. was able to complete the installation in half the time, resulting in less disruption at the facility and a significant cost savings.

“The library at NEU is a critical part of the infrastructure of the university but had added significance because of the e-learning initiative Vietnam is spearheading thanks to the World Bank" said Mr. Vincent Pham, CEO at HD Telecom Inc. "Everest is the most recent and innovative WLAN technology company to emerge from Silicon Valley. Providing the University with the best Wi-Fi service was clearly something we were proud to do. Everest, having recognized early on the growing connectivity demands and data streaming needs of people today, designed their products and systems to meet the demand we are now seeing in many of our customers’ sites. With so many cloud service applications driving the data frenzy we see on smartphones, it’s clear a new approach to WLAN is needed. We feel Everest’s Access Points are a perfect match for our customer, being able to provide the required coverage with fewer APs, deliver the fastest throughput, and reduce the total system cost.”


  • Fastest Wi-Fi solution with superior performance to power it's e-learning initiative
  • Support 600,000 students with access to 27,000 lectures
  • Coverage for their 175,000 square foot library


  • 30 High Density Access Points to cover their 175,000 square foot library
  • 2 High Density Outdoor APs (1004WRe)
  • 28 High Density Indoor APs (1004WRi and 1002Oi)


  • Increased coverage, speed, and capacity.
  • Reliable coverage with the highest density Wi-Fi demands
  • Lower their Total Cost of Ownership

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