Fortnite World Cup

Fortnite World Cup Loge Level next to Stage

The Fornite World Cup, an annual eSports competition based on the video game Fortnite, hosted the inaugural final event at in July. The winner of the event, a 16-year-old gamer, was awarded a $3M prize. Everest Networks Quad Ultra Panel High Density Access Points were used as a creative temporary deployment to provide a unique Wi-Fi solution to handle the extra demands of an event such as the Fornite World Cup.

Everest Networks' partner PMY Group - USA, came up with the idea to mount 16 High Density Access Points to the catwalk 110 to 135 feet away from the main stage. The access points, due to the patented technology, were able to provide fast, secure and reliable Wi-Fi coverage to over 4,500 spectators in the Loge section of the arena. This allowed for more spectators to join in on the action and the venue delivered a superior fan experience for the gaming community.

The eSports competition had a high demand for data and connectivity, transferring 1.44TB of data in the section, including 3,593 devices (take rate of 63%), 4M sessions, 7,817 application requests, and an average dwell time of 55 minutes on the network. The 16 AP1004UNe High Density Access Points handled the demand seamlessly, offering another creative solution to support increasing demand in high-density environments.


  • Support Heavy Wi-Fi Usage from 4,500 Fans in Loge Level Seating
  • 110-135 Feet from Closest AP Mount Area without Barriers
  • 23,700-seat stadium was sold out to watch the major gaming championship


  • Mount 16 AP1004UNes (Quad Ultra Panel)
  • Temporary Installation attached to the Catwalk


  • Happy Fans that Had Superior Wi-Fi Coverage
  • 3,593 devices on the network – 63% take rate
  • 1.44TB of data during gaming championship
  • 4,003,162 sessions supported
  • Average Dwell Time of 55 minutes

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