Digital Ticketing at Stadiums

Photo courtesy of Sports Business Journal

Everest Networks' access points have been installed at a number of NFL stadium turnstile gates to provide fast and reliable Wi-Fi in support of the shift to digital ticketing.

As NFL Stadiums strive to have fully digital ticketing systems, stadium e-ticketing requirements are evolving to include Ticketmaster SafeTix ™, a ticketing technology used to cut down on ticket fraud at the entrance gates. This improved ticketing technology now requires all fans to have live Wi-Fi or LTE connections to pull up their tickets in real-time as Ticketmaster SafeTix ™ randomizes barcodes every few seconds (or RFID/NFC chips). These changes have increased the need for smarter and more advanced high-density Wi-Fi access points to support the shift, as stadiums now need to plan for the requirement of hundreds of users simultaneously needing to get online to download their tickets as they approach the entrance gates. Not to mention, the stadium staff needs a strong, continuous, and uninterrupted Wi-Fi signal to use the e-ticketing scanners to keep the lines moving as smoothly as possible. 

Stadiums have been quick to recognize Everest’s quad radio access points are an ideal solution as it offers the ability to isolate one radio for staff and e-ticketing scanners, while simultaneously offering multiple radios to serve the thousands of guests in need of quickly connecting to Wi-Fi to download their tickets for scanning. This is achieved because the e-ticketing scanner devices used at the entrances are provisioned with their own physical radio and SSID to ensure robust connectivity, and Everest’s multi-radio platform ensures that the tickets can also be read at all times. When accommodating such a large volume of simultaneous visitors, every second is important to ensure a superior guest experience and Everest has been able to provide stadiums with a fast, reliable, and scalable solution. 

The Everest Networks' access points provide the best solution as the technology is able to handle the increased demand of hundreds of simultaneous guests with the equivalent of 2 AP's for customer Wi-Fi while dedicating 1 AP solely to e-ticketing handhelds. This ratio will ensure that any ticketing issues are a thing of the past.


  • e-ticketing Solution for Large Venues and Stadiums
  • Improve the Digital Ticketing Experience
  • Ensure AP's Aren't Overwhelmed by the High Data Demands of Downloading Thousands of Tickets
  • To facilitate Ticketmaster SafeTix ™, all Fans must have Wi-Fi or LTE Connections to Pull up their Tickets in Real-Time


  • Mount High Density Access Points Capable of the Demand at Entrance Gates
  • Dedicate one of the four AP Radios to e-ticketing scanners 
  • Fewer Everest AP's needed versus other vendors due to the smart capabilities to dedicate a radio within an AP


  • Fewer AP's Needed Due to the Ability to Dedicate a Radio (the Equivalent of 2 AP's for Customer Wi-Fi and 1 AP Dedicated to Ticketmaster Handhelds)
  • Fast and Reliable Wi-Fi for fans and e-ticketing devices
  • Uninterrupted Wi-Fi Connectivity Ready to Meet the High Density Demands