Digital Ticketing at Stadiums

Photo courtesy of Sports Business Journal

Everest Networks' access points have been installed at a number of NFL stadium turnstile gates to provide fast and reliable Wi-Fi in support of the league-wide transition to digital ticketing.

As NFL Stadiums strive to have fully digital ticketing systems, stadium e-ticketing requirements are evolving to include Ticketmaster SafeTix ™, a ticketing technology used to cut down on ticket fraud at the entrance gates. This improved ticketing technology now requires all fans to have live Wi-Fi or LTE connections to pull up their tickets in real-time as Ticketmaster SafeTix ™ randomizes barcodes every few seconds (or RFID/NFC chips). These changes have increased the need for smarter and more advanced high-density Wi-Fi solutions to support this shift, as stadiums now must plan and facilitate for thousands of fans simultaneously downloading their e-tickets as they approach the entrance gates. In addition and just as important, the ticket scanners must operate smoothly and seamlessly to ensure an uninterrupted and fast crowd flow, thus requiring a strong, continuous, and robust Wi-Fi signal.

Stadiums have been quick to recognize that Everest’s quad radio access points are an ideal solution to the all-digital ticketing initiative as it offers the unique ability to dedicate one radio solely to staff and e-ticketing scanners, while allocating multiple radios for fan-facing Wi-Fi for the thousands of fans to utilize their Safetix-enabled digital tickets at the entrances. In this manner, by isolating the ticket-scanner radios and SSIDs from fan-facing Wi-Fi, venues ensure that ticket scanners operate unhindered by the guest Wi-Fi with an interference-free, robust, low-latency, and fast connectivity. In addition, Everest’s multi-radio platform ensures that fan-facing Wi-Fi can handle, support, and provide a consistent level of service for the thousands of fans to download and display their e-tickets.

When accommodating such a large volume of simultaneous visitors, every second spent at the gates is crucial for a superior guest experience. Everest Networks provides stadiums with a fast, reliable, and scalable solution via its high-density multi-radio access points by allocating resources according to venue needs and requirements. This not only ensures that ticketing operations are properly handled but with fewer number of access points, leading to a reduced total cost of ownership.


  • e-Ticketing Solution for Large Venues and Stadiums
  • Improve Digital Ticketing Experience
  • Fan-Facing Wi-Fi to 1000's of Fans at Gates
  • AP's To Simultaneously Meet Ticketing and Fan-Facing Wi-Fi Requirements and Demands
  • For SafeTix ™ To Operate Properly, Fans Must be Connected via Wi-Fi or LTE for Real-Time Ticket Verification


  • Deploy High-Density Access Points Capable Meeting High-Banddwith Demands at Entrance Gates
  • Dedicate 1/4 AP Radios to e-Ticketing Scanners
  • Allocate 3 AP Radios for Fan-Facing Wi-Fi
  • Isolate Ticket-scanning Radios, SSIDs, and Wi-Fi Channels from Fan-Facing Radios, SSIDs, and Wi-Fi Channels


  • Fewer Everest AP's Deployed vs Other Vendors due to Smart Radio Resource Allocation to Meet Venue Requirements
  • Fast and Reliable Wi-Fi for Fans and e-Ticketing Devices
  • Uninterrupted Wi-Fi Connectivity to Meet High-Density Demands