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Everest Cloud

  • Provides you worry-free virtual hosting with cloud performance and flexibility that enables you to scale your WLAN network as your company grows.
  • No hidden costs – standard cloud pricing across all APs. Pick your AP, pick your service period, and you’re done!
  • Everest provisions dedicated Cloud resources for your instance to provide guaranteed performance, data confidentiality easily meet GDPR requirements, additional security, and virus protection.
  • Zero Touch pre-provisioned access points designed for rapid deployment in branches without any IT support on-site.
  • Automated network monitoring, alerts and continuous feature updates delivered from the cloud.
  • Intuitive interface eliminates costly training or added staff.
  • Everest’s architecture provides feature-rich network management without on-site management appliances or Wi-Fi controllers.
  • Completely customizable Captive Portal with a feature-rich developer toolset.
  • Hosted on major cloud service provider infrastructure to ensure robust service and security, not our own servers. 
  • AP's continue to provide service locally even if they temporarily lose connection to the cloud service provider due to Everest’s split data-plane architecture. 

Management System

  • Maps that enable you to intuitively navigate the entire system whilst monitoring vital statistics and AP health for faster troubleshooting and easy network configuration.
  • Analytics engine tracks all network performance indicators, feeding customizable alerts to ensure you have the current network status.
  • Event recording providing highly granular network performance for post event analysis.
  • Rapid configuration flows allow for the deployment of thousands of APs in minutes.
  • Choice of how to secure your data so you can ensure you’re GDPR compliant.

Install & Configure

  • Cloud instance and pre-provisioned APs in place and ready to go upon arrival at site.
  • Large scale deployments in minutes.
  • Optimized user flows. 

Monitor & Optimize

  • Powerful graphical mapping and
    analytics engines.
  • Dynamic RF management through
    SpotLight technology.

Respond & Act

  • Maps to locate APs, monitor vital
    statistics and AP health, and easily
    configure the network.
  • Alerts to get notified on standard or
    customizable events.
  • Event analytics to obtain detailed
    reports on the network, replaying
    events on Maps to visualize the
    system performance more effectively.

Separated Control Plane

Everest’s control architecture separates network management data from user data for increased reliability, performance, and security. System management data (e.g., configuration, statistics, monitoring, etc.) flows from Everest’s access points to Everest’s cloud over a secure internet connection. While an individual’s data (web browsing, internal applications, etc.) generated from their smartphone or laptop flows directly to its destination on the LAN or across the WAN, avoiding congestion and preventing any data bottleneck. This speeds up the network and helps to scale the system effectively.

Advantages of a Separated Control Plane


  • Unlimited throughput: no centralized controller bottlenecks.
  • Add access points or new sites without MPLS tunnels.


  • Redundant cloud service provides high availability.
  • Your network continues to function even if management traffic is interrupted.
  • Clients remain connected locally as access points continue to provide service.


  • No user traffic passes through Everest’s datacenters.

Everest's Network Management System Features

Everest NMS

A browser-based interface that has a configurable pane-of-glass with optimized user flows and customizable dashboard.

Everest Maps

Provides highly visual and intuitive system navigation.

Everest Events

Provides detailed reports to quickly review any event, compare previous events and provide enhanced graphical reporting for management.

Everest Mini

A mobile application to help configure the system plus monitor and maintain optimum system performance management throughout the lifetime of the site.