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High Density Access Points

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Whether you’re teaching a class in a crowded lecture theater or working through the night to finish your assignment, in today’s educational world, connectivity is essential. Thankfully, Everest Networks meets your every need by provisioning super-fast throughput to the multitude of connected devices that students and lecturers carry with them every day. By utilizing Everest Networks' High-Density access points (HDAP), you get the performance needed to meet your demanding needs at a lower total cost of ownership as significantly less equipment is required.

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Why Choose Everest Networks?

With state-of-the-art advanced RF and antenna features, our APs are proven performers providing short-, mid-, and long-range coverage in high-density venues such as stadiums, arenas, convention centers, and campuses, while powering solutions which deliver the highest user engagement, fastest network throughput, and lowest TCO

3X Faster, 3X Network Capacity

Our design leverages the combined power of four radios: one at 2.4 GHz up to 4x4:4 and three at 5 GHz up to 4x4:4, for a total of 16 parallel spatial streams.

AI For Radio Coverage

Our patent-pending load balancing algorithms performs traffic management to optimize client associations, throughput, and roaming.

Simultaneous 5G Radios

Our patented system architecture allows concurrent dual-, tri-, and quad-radio operation making our APs the fastest in the industry!

Analytic Dashboard to manage your Ultra High Density Access Point Performance

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